As of Oct 2006:
41 of 125 cars!

A (partial) collection of all 125 examples of the Bentley S2 Continental by Park Ward. If you know of the current whereabouts of a car that is not documented here, please contact us.

Automobiles with this logo are believed to be currently for sale!

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  The Unknown Sisters! Description
  Do you know who I am? I am the handsome Bentley used in countless publicity photos
and in Bentley literature with UK Registration # RJW-601. But what is my Chassis Number?
Can you tell me, please?
  Do you know who I am? I have a Registration that appears to be
# AE6-324. But what is my Chassis Number? Can you tell me, please?
  Do you know who I am? I have a Registration that appears to be
#WEL-2. But what is my Chassis Number? Can you tell me, please?
  Do you know who I am? My registration is ALB-784. But what is my Chassis Number? Can you tell me, please?
  Photo Number Deliv Orig
BC8AR Mar 60 Iran Mecanin
Development Corp.
BC9LAR Dec 59 USA A.
  BC10LAR Sep 59 UK

Rolls Royce
Conduit St
Trials Car


Feb 60 USA Holiday Groves Inc.
  BC17LAR Feb 60 USA L.
  BC23AR Feb 60 UK

Emmu Wine

  BC25AR Mar 60 UK J.
  BC30AR Mar 60 UK R.
  BC34AR Mar 60 UK


  BC37AR Apr 60 UK G.
  BC54AR May 60 UK J. Neal
  BC57AR May 60 UK Balfour Engineering
  BC60AR May 60 UK John Peters Furnishings
  BC61AR May 60 UK R. Hughes
  BC64AR May 60 UK G. Kennerly
  BC67LAR Jun 60 Lichten-stein Yul Brynner
  BC72LAR Jun 60 UK J. Shellim
  BC73AR Feb 60 Switzer-land A. Heumann
  BC74AR Jul 60 UK B. Jenks

BC75AR Jul 60 UK Richard Thomas & Baldwins Ltd.
  BC77LAR Oct 60 Argen-tina J. Vacarezza
BC80LAR May 60 UK Irving Geist
BC82AR Jun 60 UK C. Neale
BC88AR Nov 60 UK H. Stenhouse
  BC91AR Jul 60 UK S. McCrudden
  BC93AR Aug 60 UK J. Mitchell
  BC107LAR Jun 60 USA A. Williams
  BC108LAR Aug 60 UK S. Brody
BC109AR Aug 60 AUS C. Lloyd Jones
BC111AR Oct 60 UK Empire Stores (Bradford) Ltd.
  BC112AR Oct 60 UK F. Hanson
  BC114AR Sep 60 UK Sir Giles Guthrie
BC117AR Dec 60 UK Marcus Construction
  BC119AR Sep 60 UK L. Lawrie
BC120AR Nov 60 UK Lilley & Skinner Ltd

BC123LAR Dec 60 USA E. Wallach
  BC125AR Dec 60 UK H. Whitty
  BC149AR Dec 60 UK J. Scrase
  BC151AR Jun 61 UK E.

BC2BY Nov 60 UK

Lord Greville

BC4LBY Sep 60 UK R. Lang
  BC6LBY Oct 60 USA Mrs. E. DuPont Riegel
  BC8BY Nov 60 UK G. Hochschild
BC10BY Feb 61 UK Mrs. F.
  BC12LBY Oct 60 UK A. Clapham
  BC20LBY Dec 60 UK N. Monsarrat
BC22LBY Dec 60 UK W.
BC24LBY Oct 60 UK R. Salant
BC27BY ?? UK J. Milles
BC30BY Apr 61 UK Mrs. M. Joseph
  BC32BY Nov 60 UK C. Hutley
BC34LBY Jan 61 USA Holiday Groves Inc.
BC36BY Feb 61 UK H.
  BC38BY Mar 61 UK A. Thompson
BC50LBY Jan 61 USA H. Karl
BC51BY Jan 61 UK Wilkins & Mitchell Ltd.
  BC53BY May 61 UK W. Dugger
  BC55LBY Feb 61 Switzer-land R. Von Hirsch
  BC57LBY Mar 61 Austria R. Van Sickle
  BC59LBY Feb 61 Switzer-land J. Koerfer
  BC61LBY May 61 Italy R. Mambretti
  BC63LBY Apr 61 USA F. Larson
  BC65LBY May 61 UK W. Snee
BC66LBY Nov 60 USA Windsor White

BC67BY May 61 UK Rolls Razor Ltd.
  BC69BY Mar 61 UK F. Stenbridge
  BC72BY Mar 61 UK R. Bouralie
  BC74LBY Mar 61 Switzer-land H. Grether
  BC77BY May 61 UK G. Marcow
  BC79LBY Apr 61 UK C. Stevenson

BC81BY Jun
UK Sir
Norman J. Watson, Baronet
  BC82LBY May 61 UK R. Perkin
  BC84BY Apr 61 UK Viscount Downe
BC86BY Jul 61 UK J. Eisinger
  BC92BY Jun 61 UK A. Dixon
  BC96LBY May 61 USA W. Brewster
  BC98LBY Apr 61 UK Ohrbach (London) Ltd.
BC100LBY May 61 USA R. Stolkin
  BC1CZ Jul 61 UK H&J Wilson Ltd.
  BC4LCZ Mar 62 France Baron H. de Tenbossche
  BC6LCZ Jul 61 UK G. Trapani
  BC9LCZ Aug 61 UK Magla Productions
  BC11LCZ Sep 61 UK N. Granz
BC14LCZ Jul 61 Morocco King Hassan II
  BC23CZ Sep 61 Switzer-land Societe Idylle
  BC25CZ Sep 61 UK C. Cooper

BC28LCZ Aug 61 USA Mrs. Ruth
BC31LCZ Sep 61 France P. Bernard
BC32LCZ Sep 61 UK D
  BC34LCZ Nov 61 USA D. Friedland
  BC37CZ Sep 61 UK S. Whitaker
BC40CZ Apr 62 UK A. Mantovani
BC45LCZ Nov 61 UK W.J.
  BC52LCZ Dec 61 USA N. Barnes
BC57LCZ Nov 61 USA V.
BC58LCZ Oct 61 UK H.
BC61LCZ Oct 61 UK Prince Moulay
  BC70CZ Jan 62 UK F. Craddock
  BC74CZ Dec 61 UK A.J. Hines Ltd
BC78LCZ Dec 61 USA R. Erickson
  BC79LCZ Jan 62 UK S. Tanaubaum
  BC81CZ Jan 62 UK Sir W. Carr
  BC84CZ Mar 62 UK G. Sinclair Noble
  BC86LCZ Jan 62 USA P. Riffert
  BC89LCZ Jan 62 UK R. Golseth
BC92LCZ Feb 62 Switzer-land Traub AG
BC95LCZ Mar 62 USA E. Clayton Glengras
  BC96CZ Mar 62 UK J. Hood
  BC99LCZ Apr 62 UK W. Chamberlain
  BC102LCZ Mar 62 UK H. Mee
  BC105LCZ Oct 62 UK Mrs. G. Taylor
  BC108CZ Apr 62 UK C. Manning
BC111CZ Apr 62 UK D.
  BC113CZ May 62 UK M. Price
  BC114LCZ May 62 UK S. Tankoos
BC115CZ Apr
UK V. Cousin
  BC116LCZ May 62 USA W. Walker

BC117LCZ May 62 USA Henslee Mobile Homes
  BC118LCZ May 62 USA N. Sackheim
  BC119LCZ Aug 62 UK G. Kelley
  BC120CZ Jun 62 UK G. Saunders
  BC127LCZ Feb 62 UK H. Burns
BC128LCZ Jun 62 UK J. Constant van Rijn

BC131LCZ Jul 62 UK M. Boyer
BC136LCZ Aug 62 UK E. Williams

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