Feedback and comments from the community of enthusiasts and owners of Bentley Continental motorcars.

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From Mike and Julie in England:

What a brilliant web site, very interesting! I thought you might like
to know that my wife and I bought BC117AR on the 13th March 2001. It's in great condition and we love it to bits. [See their car, BC117AR.]

From Ritchie in Australia:

I'm writing to say thank you for introducing me to the new love of my life -- the S2 Bentley. I purchased it today and it was the thoroughness and the passion of your site that clinched it for me. I'm so impressed by the wealth of info you've been generous enough to supply and....well I just couldn't help myself... [See Ritchie's car, BC109AR.]

From Wayne in London:

I have recently discovered your most interesting website on the S2 Continental. Earlier this week, I found BC109AR up for sale on an Australian website and thought you might like the details and pics for your website.

From Terry, Vancouver BC:

Just a brief note to thank you for the interesting site. I was searching for info regarding Elton John's recently auctioned-off stable of Bentleys, etc., and stumbled across your list of passions. While I do not own any automobiles, I do have a weak spot for vintage wrist watches. I also share an interest in PR/advertising and communications activities.

Thanks again!

From Bill, Phoenix AZ:

John, I just wanted to thank you for writing and posting your car searching experiences on the net. The article was most informative and interesting. I am in the process of looking for just the right RR drophead and found your writings very, very helpful. Again, just a note to say thanks.

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