A resource for owners of Bentley motorcars, including interesting links, pointers to service providers and parts suppliers, and articles of technical interest.

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Online dealers with classic Bentleys for sale:

Vantage Motor Works is known as the finest source in the USA for beautifully restored Bentley and Rolls Royce motorcars. Richard Gorman does not sell inexpensive cars or perform cheap services, but if you expect everything to be 100 percent right all the time and cost is no object, he is the person to go to. Highly recommended.
Heritage Classics is an LA-based collector car dealer. They don't have Bentleys often, but when they do, the photos are excellent. The prices have never been out of line either.
Hyman Ltd always seems to have a handful of Bentleys on hand on any given day.
VIP Classics has a large inventory of reasonably priced cars, mostly American. They usually have two or three Bentleys, usually the modern Mulsanne, Eight, Turbo R or Brooklands. The cars are not sorted, so you have to look through each "showroom".
Vintage Motors of Sarasoda has a "museum" as well, and usually has one or two Bentleys pulled from the museum to the showroom.
Symbolic is strictly high-end... Usually late model cars in wonderful condition. They are the Bentley dealer in San Diego.
Post Oak Motors is the Bentley dealer here in Houston. Ask for Mike Berray.

Online classified ads of Bentleys for sale:
Hemmings Motor News Online. This is great! The online ads appear in advance of the print version. I bought my car though a Hemmings Online listing.
The online version of AutoTrader, the picture advertiser you get at the convenience store. This is mostly private sellers.
DuPont Registry, the magazine. This has the online CLASSIFIED ads, but does not include the dealer display ads that have many more Bentleys.
E Bay Motors. Sellers list a potpourri of Bentleys. You rarely see a bargain here, although I saw a 1996 Brooklands sell for about $15,000 under book value recently.

Price Guides and Other Information:

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