The following list is compiled with help from my friend and correspondent Klaus-Josef Roßfeldt, author and creator of, a most comprehensive guide to Rolls Royce and Bentley automobiles.

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Pre-war models:
1921-1929 Bentley
3 Litre
The first genuine Bentley, it was successful in competition, winning Le Mans in 1924 and 1927.
1926-1930 Bentley
6 ½ Litre and
Speed Six
Intended to make the Bentley more marketable to affluent buyers who wanted coachbuilt bodies AND speed.
1926-1930 Bentley
4 ½ Litre and
4 ½ Litre supercharged
1930-1931 Bentley
8 Litre
1931 Bentley
4 Litre
1933-1937 Bentley
3 ½ Litre
1936-1939 Bentley
4 ¼ Litre
1939-1941 Bentley
Mark V and

Early post-war models:
1946-1952 Bentley
Mark VI
1952-1955 Bentley R and
Bentley R Continental
1955-1959 Bentley S1 and
Bentley S1 Continental
1959-1962 Bentley S2 and
Bentley S2 Continental
1962-1965 Bentley S3 and
Bentley S3 Continental

Innovative generation:
1965-1977 Bentley T1  
1971-1984 Bentley
1985 Bentley
1977-1980 Bentley T2  

Modern generation:
1980-1987 Bentley
1982-1985 Bentley
Mulsanne Turbo
1984-1992 Bentley
1984-1995 Bentley Continental and
Bentley Continental
1985-1995 Bentley
Turbo R
1987-1992 Bentley
Mulsanne S
1991-2003 Bentley Continental R,
Continental S,
Continental R Mulliner
1992-1997 Bentley
1994-1995 Bentley
Turbo S
1995-2003 Bentley Azure
Bentley Azure Mulliner
1995-1997 New Bentley
Turbo R
1996 Bentley
Turbo R Sport
1996-2002 Bentley Continental T, Continental T Mulliner  
1996-1998 Bentley
Brooklands R
1997-1998 Bentley
Turbo RT

21st Century Models:
1998-2000 Bentley
(Green Label)
1998-2000 Bentley Continental SC and
Bentley Continental SC Mulliner
1999-2002 Bentley
Red Label
2001-now Bentley
Arnage RL
2002-now Bentley
Arnage T
2002-now Bentley
Arnage R
2003-now Bentley Continental GT
2004-now Bentley Continental
Flying Spur
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